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In 1928 during the construction of Hope Cement Works, one member of the work force drew a cartoon showing the progress at Hope, this cartoon appeared in the 1929 January issue of the G & T Earle’s Quarterly Pelican magazine, below are the two cartoons and an up-to-date drawing of the Hope Cement Works Office block constructed in 2006.


93 Years later!




Hope Works History Archive

Pelican Magazine April 1931


It was the unenviable experience of Mr. G. Dyson, one of the Transport drivers at Hope Works to be lost in snow in the moorlands of Derbyshire.

We have had a letter from George (photo herewith), and this is what he writes;

“Sam Bright and myself left Stoke-on-Trent in very bad weather conditions,  about 3 inches of snow, all the way to Sparrowpit the road and weather conditions turned out far worse.

At Sparrowpit we were informed that a heavy lorry had skidded and blocked the road leading to the Works at Hope, this meant I had to take another route which I did via Peak Forest.

After a bit of trouble, we eventually reached Peak Forest but there....owing to fog and heavy falling snow, I took a turn to the left which I thought would bring us somewhere near Bradwell, not far from the Works, but after travelling for about a mile this road becomes a narrow moorland lane and realised I could neither go forward nor back as the lorry would not grip the icy road.

As the fog was very thick at the time, I decided to leave the lorry until daylight and better conditions

Then we started to walk about six miles across the moors from Peak Forest to Castleton, we did have a time of it as it is deserted country on the hilltops, especially in a snowstorm.

Well, after walking a good while, we found we had missed the moor and path into Castleton and Sam complained of feeling ‘' done in,” but I told him we must carry on as a night on the moors under such conditions would mean something serious. So, we kept on until eventually we heard the church bells of Castleton village. What a welcome sound. We made towards it and after half an hour's further walk we found ourselves looking upon the lights of Castleton, much to our relief, we were both soaked to the skin and cold, but after a warm drink at the Bull's Head we felt better.

I caught the ‘bus back to Hope and on arrival home I was glad to have a change as all my clothes were saturated. “I hope this will be an interesting experience for the ' Pelican.’

“Wishing it and the Welfare every success.

From G. DYSON, Sentinel Driver.”











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