STEM Project - School Energy Challenge


STEM project - School Energy Challenge

School Energy Challenge promoted by Hope Valley Climate Action Group – Steve Platts and Ghazala Ahmed-Mear.

(A project we have supported with the help of Spencer Green to help educate and encourage engagement with pupils and their families to act now on climate change).

About the project

Ghazala Ahmed-Mear shares her unique story of the South Pole Energy Challenge 2018, the first polar exhibition to use only renewable energy and explains how Antarctica is connected to our Carbon emissions and how, at the South Pole we are all connected by what we buy, sell and consume.


•Engage pupils with the wonders and vulnerability of Antarctica

•Educate about the effects of climate change

•Empower pupils in taking effective action.


The project has gone well with all 10 primary schools in the Hope Valley in the process of returning for the ‘three month follow up’, data is being collated to see how the children got on with their pledges”.

School Climate Challenge -Hope Valley Climate Action Group


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