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Tim Walsh (Shift Team Leader) and Tyler Howe (Apprentice, Mech Engineering) are a family race team with ambitions to race the local club meets including East Midlands Racing association, Darley moor and Thunder Sport collectively .

Tim is now an established rider who is currently racing at National level.

Tyler's ambitions are to continue the club racing at the short circuits and gain the signatures and results required to follow in his Dads foot steps and race at a national level.

Tim thanked the company and said "The continued sponsorship support from Breedon really makes a differenceand us to continue to compete".

Tyler (right) with Dad Tim at the Hope Cement Works.



Employee Fundraiser’s for Charity

Breedon have donated to the Joe Beswick fundraiser, organised by Daniel Wheeldon (Mechancial Craftsman), and a friend who planned to ride 200km on a Tandem bike Boxing Day to raise money for Bone Cancer Research Trust following the sad loss of a close friend with the condition.

They were aiming to raise £2000, if the target was reached the vowed to do the ride in full Mrs Clause drag costumes. 

Well Dan and Joe have rasied just short of £4,000 with donations still coming in.

If you would like to support this amazing charity, please visit;


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